Through listening to your needs we draw from a toolbox of study to develop customised training that is tailored to your desired outcomes. 


As well as our bespoke training we offer the following programs that can be tailored according to your team’s needs.


Leading Change

Focuses on leadership practices that enable your leaders to embed change through empowering your employees to connect with each other and influence actions and behaviours that enhance change readiness and adoption.


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Disc and Motivators

Designed to help leaders and team members learn to identify and understand the various behaviour styles, in order to communicate and influence with others needs in mind.

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Trimetrix EQ

Allows us to explore a person’s, Behavioural Style (HOW they prefer to behave and communicate), Personal Motivators (WHY they move into action) and their Emotional Intelligence (DO they actively apply the principles of emotional intelligence) in order to work with our people and help them perform at their best.

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