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Our strengths are our values and talents that drive our behaviour. When leveraged they can propel our performance, increase our energy, improve our well-being, improve our relationships, increase our positive emotion and decrease our stress.They help you #bringoutyourbestself

What you need to know:

  1. Character Strengths are your positive personality traits

  2. Talent Strengths are your talents that when mastered turn into strengths

  3. You need to leverage them. To do this: Identify, Use and Develop

Identify Them: Take 15 mins to do the VIA Survey (free) and Gallup Strengths Finder ($15.00). If you take both it will provide you with your top 10 character and talent strengths.

Use Them:

  • Use them more. Choose one strength and use it 5 times a day for a week. What happens?

  • Use them in different ways to see what happens. 340 Ways to use Character Strengths

  • Use a journal of a night and reflect on each day and how you used your strengths, what worked, what didn’t and how you could improve.

Develop Them

  • Think about a time when you performed at your best – what were you doing? How were you using your strengths? Using this information, plan how can you create more high performance moments using your strengths.

  • Think about and plan how you can help others use their strengths.

  • If you would like to improve a relationship, think about that persons strengths. How does it shift your thinking toward them when you focus on their strengths? What can you do differently in your interactions?

If you’d like to know a little bit more about Strengths, click:

Character Strengths

Talent Strengths

Note for Organisations

When leveraged strengths can propel employee’s performance, increase their energy, improve their well-being, improve their relationships, increase their positive emotions, decrease their stress AND improve their job satisfaction.

If you help your employees identify and utilise their strengths it can help them and help your organisation thrive.

Looking to implement strengths into the way you work? Call me on 0409 44 875 or click here to email.

Looking to implement strengths into the way you work? Call me on 0409 44 875 or click here to email.


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