Soar with your Talent Strengths 2.0

Our strengths are our values and talents that drive our behaviour. When leveraged they can propel our performance, increase our energy, improve our well-being, improve our relationships, increase our positive emotion and decrease our stress. They help you #bringoutyourbestself!

What are they? There are 34 Themes and when you complete the report you will be provided with information on your top five talents. Talents aren’t strengths… yet. They are our natural talents that when well developed and mastered become strengths. Unlike Character Strengths, talents are non-moral and are inherent to our personality.

Tom Rath in Strength Finder 2.0 tells us that building talent into real strengths “requires practice and hard work, much like it does to build physical strengths. For example, if you are born with the potential to build large biceps, but you do not exercise these muscles regularly, they will not develop. However, if you do work equally as hard as someone without as much natural potential, you are likely to see much greater return.” (Rath 2007, p. 19)

Where did they come from? Gallup had over 40 years of data on strengths that they had been collating. In 1998 they decided to start a “global conversation about what’s right with people.” (Rath 2007, p. i). Utilising their research, Gallup created 34 of the most common talent themes and launched Gallup Strengths Finder.

Why should we use them? You should use your strengths in order to propel your (and others) performance, increase your (and others) energy, increase your positive emotion and improve relationships with others. In essence, make your life better! We have several times more potential for growth when we focus on our strengths rather than our weaknesses.

Who should use them? Individuals, team and organisations!

How can I find my Talent Strengths? To take the assessment go to Gallup Strengths Centre. This assessment is $15.

How can I leverage them? This is the same as Character Strengths! Identify, Use and Develop. A strength not excised is one wasted. I should note, I don’t get any kickbacks from recommending Gallup. My interest is in helping others #bringouttheirbestself and this is one tool I believe can assist with that process.

Identify: Take Gallup Strengths Finder

Use: Start reviewing what talents you are currently using within your role/life. Think about how you can utilise them more frequently. What happens when you use your talents more often?

Develop:Develop your own personalised action plan about how you can leverage your talents, implement new and improved ways of working that will propel your performance and #bringoutyourbestself!

Want to know more about Character Strengths, click here.

Note for Organisations

When leveraged strengths can propel employee’s performance, increase their energy, improve their well-being, improve their relationships, increase their positive emotions, decrease their stress AND improve their job satisfaction.

If you help your employees identify and utilise their strengths it can help them and help your organisation thrive.

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