Your Stories #bringoutyourbestself

The stories we tell ourselves are so very important. Our neurology and linguistics shape the our mindset and the words we use shape the mindset of others.

Just as I mentioned in my previous blog, we can have strategies that propel us and strategies that hold us back. Some stories are like bricks in our backpacks that we're carrying around. They are heavy and tend to hold us down and back. When we decide to unpack the bricks, suddenly we're light, free and focused. Now we hold the psychology and physiology of excellence we have inside that will propel us to reach the exciting destinations we envisage for ourselves.

The past couple of days I've been reading Shawn Achor's book, The Happiness Advantage. Achor shares many good examples of how what we think and how the information (stories) we tell ourselves (or others) shapes the outcomes we achieve.

In one experiment he mentions, the researchers took the cleaning employees from seven different hotels and split them into two groups. The first group they told all about the exercise they were doing everyday through their work. They looked at the activities, highlighted the number of calories they burnt and linked cleaning to a cardio workout. The second group remained as the control group and were not shared the same information. After several weeks the researchers Cram and Langer found those who were primed to think of their work as exercise had actually lost weight, and their cholesterol had dropped! In the control group nothing had changed. Anchor notes "the only difference was in how their brain's conceived of the work they were doing." Anchor then iterates, "the mental construction of our daily activities, more than the activities itself, defines our reality." In other words, the stories we tell ourselves shape our existence.

Another scenario Achor discusses is taken from an article in the New York times, "Placebos Prove So Powerful Even Experts are Surprised". The article talks about the power of the mind and our ability to change how our body performs based on the stories we tell ourselves. The articles states, "...a recent study of a baldness remedy found that 86 percent of men taking it either maintained or showed an increase in the amount of hair on their heads. But so did 42 percent of the men taking a placebo." WOW - almost 50% of the men taking the placebos started growing hair! In another example "a study was carried out in Japan on 13 people who were extremely allergic to poison ivy. Each was rubbed on one arm with a harmless leaf but were told it was poison ivy and touched on the other arm with poison ivy and told it was harmless. All 13 broke out in rash where the harmless leaf contacted their skin. Only two reacted to the poison leaves."

The mind, body connection is so important and so amazing. The points above reiterate for me the importance of ensuring the messages we tell ourselves and the experiences we allow ourselves to engage are positive and enhancing. They are crucial to the outcomes we will receive in life.

If you are to ‪#‎bringoutyourbestself‬ you need to ensure you are aware of 'your stories' and the 'language' you use to define your existence and influence those around you.

Within us we hold an enormous amount of power - how we master and bring that power to form is in our hands. Just imagine for a minute what will happen when you change your story to one of personal love, happiness and success....I'm sure you will begin to look face-to-face with your best self.

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