How to gain Calmness and Strength

As I leaned out of bed this morning I stretched my legs and arms realising that my body was tight and sore. Yesterday I had personal training and I used muscles that I hadn’t used in a little while. None-the-less I had booked myself into a morning yoga session so I got up and went to class. As I was walking there I started dreaming about laying in class (Shavasana) or in childs pose. I wanted more sleep.

As class started we were asked to set our intentions. This made me reflect on my thoughts and so I decided to use the ‘rest’ I wanted and transform it into calmness I knew I needed and switch from ‘sleep’ to ‘strong’. My curiosity was - what happens when we work on the flip side and move from our automatic negative thoughts to our performance enhancing thoughts?

So, my new intention was to remain calm and strong. The class started with vinyasa


flow after vinyasa flow. My arms started screaming at me. So in my calm breath I thought about what other muscles I could use to support my arms. How could my legs and core to take the weight off my arms and still remain true to the pose. Amazingly I found new strength and it felt beautiful.

Next we were doing a new flow and my legs began to feel like fire. I breathed cool, calm air into them and then using my core shifted the weight to other areas and let my mind be free. In doing this I found I could lean deeper into the pose and experience new feelings of strength. I was developing hope– from feelings of pain I can gain calmness and strength.

The lesson for me today was that we can find inner strength if we allow ourselves to be open and use our experiences to find new options and arenas to move into.

Are there automatic negative thoughts you could turn into performance enhancing thoughts?

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