Your company is a garden

Thriving Organisations

Your company is a garden. Your plants need to flourish to ensure your continued existence.

There is something in how we live from the fruits (and vegies, legumes etc) of our land and how we run our businesses.

Before we get planting, we need to have a purpose, a vision for the future. This guides us on what we will need to plant, how we plant it and how it will be nurtured into fruition.

Our mission needs to be clear, what do we need to succeed. To achieve success, we need to plant the necessary food supplies that thrive in our environment, will produce to the right season and provide us with an abundant crop.

Our values are how we tend to our garden. What we put in, is what we get in return. If we have planted the seedlings that thrive, and we treat them with love – we should get love in return. If we treat them with care, they will care. If we focus on their strengths, their strengths will grow. If we give them the nutrition they need, they will thrive.

If we focus on and build on what works, more will begin to work. Along the way we may need to weed and we should do so quickly and with care. Our attention needs to be with those plants that are fruitful.

If we are a good gardener every time we plant a seedling, it will be one of positive change. We will ensure all the plants have the environment and nutrition to succeed. We will be grateful to the land, replenish it, and reward it for providing to our extended family and friends.

A good gardener:

  • Talks to their plants, they see their potential and encourages their growth

  • Waters their garden regularly, helping it to flourish

  • Composts the garden – spreading all the good stuff from the home around to ensure the plants are receiving the materials for positive, healthy and productive growth

  • Fertilises their garden – making sure each plant has the exact nutrients required for growth

  • Utilises waste – everything has its purpose and is utilised efficiently

A good gardener:

  • Ensures their gardens sustainability

Thriving Organisations helps you be the best gardener you can be. Our purpose is to help our world thrive.

We provide support for positive individual, team and organisational transformation and growth.

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