Creating space for achieving your goals

Have you ever had that feeling of mind clutter? The inability to move forward, think constructively and achieve what you would like to achieve? I have. And there are two main methods I use to help me move past that feeling of blaaa (yes, think inner health for your mind), confusion and nothingness. The first is setting and achieving goals and the second is writing. I’m going to talk about writing first. I’ll end with achieving goals as that is the main strategy to keep us focused and personally evolving.

The reason I write is to let all the information stirring round my mind out. Put it all onto paper. Sometimes I write by hand, other times I type. Sometimes I throw my thoughts out. Here I mean literally throw them out. Once I have it all on paper, I screw it up and put it in the bin. Other times when I catch myself thinking negatively, I do a cognitive purge. I imagine the thought drifting above my head and into a little red bin. This bin is disassociated so I have determined once it is in the bin it no longer belongs to me.

The reason I find writing so useful is that it helps me clarify what is ‘on my mind’. Once I can have a look at all the thoughts, aspirations and feelings. What I need to focus on becomes very clear. I very rarely need to chart my thoughts into like ideas or actions. Once they are on the paper I use the information to set out the SMART goal and think through the plan.

After I have written down my SMART goal, I make sure I have a clear understanding of all the details. For example, when I achieve the goal what will I think, feel, say, do and know? How will I know I’ve achieved it? What’s different? Do I need anything to help me achieve the outcome or have I done it before? I use a number of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques to hone the goal and ensure I have visualised its achievement. This method also helps me develop my plan and rid my mind of unnecessary fears.

You might be thinking, so what…The ‘what’ is. This activity ensures I not only have a clear, healthy and positive mind – it helps achieve amazing outcomes. As soon as that ‘blaa’ feeling emerges, I understand it means action is required, positive change is around the corner and a new adventure is about to begin. All I need do is write, clarify and act.

When we have a clear goal, an action plan – all is left is to do it!

If you need help clearing the ‘blaa’ from your mind, clarifying, setting and achieving your goals. Contact me and I will help you achieve greatness.

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