Making you a Success

Last night a client called us to help him. He had been asked to deliver a training course the next day (today). He was given a small folder of information. One the first page there were eight dot points of what was required to be delivered across the day – for a non-trainer this was a pretty daunting task.

He came over to our office and we sat and talked through the objectives of the day. What did he need to achieve in order to be successful? Once we clarified his goal and had a deeper understanding of what he needed to achieve, together we designed a detailed agenda for the day.

The training he had to deliver was a ‘New Leaders’ course. He needed to make a good impression, deliver engaging training and show the business what he was made of!

After a long evening of design and coaching he felt he had completed the necessary preparation and development to support him in delivering comprehensive training.

What did he do? He stepped up and delivered not only a newly designed agenda that started with a clear explanation of 'why we're here' and 'what we're aiming for' (at his company). And followed it through with clear, engaging and exploratory training on as leaders this is 'how we'll achieve it'.

We're proud of him for stepping out of his comfort zone, and for working hard to make sure it was a successful day for all.

At Thriving Organisations, we're here for our partners. We want you to succeed and will work with you to achieve great outcomes!

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