The culture of an organisation and its ability to change is one of the indictors of high performance.




Change leaders connect, communicate align and motivate their employees toward your desired future state. It is imperative for them to have the right mindset, skillset and tools for success.


Leading Change focuses on building the competencies of leaders.


It is underpinned by proven change approaches that help your leaders bring your strategy to life.


It helps your leaders align your people and keep them focused on both mini goals and the broader desired outcomes.


It focuses on leadership practices that enable your leaders to embed change through empowering your employees to connect with each other and influence actions and behaviours that enhance change readiness.




Leading change is designed to help leaders and team members learn how to:


  • Establish a need for change

  • Build resilient people and change champions

  • Create a collective Purpose

  • Communicate effectively

  • Understand what motivates employees

  • Develop strategies to align system, process and people

  • Create mini goals and short term wins

  • Create energy systems

  • Encourage adoption

  • Embed continuous improvement within your business





Effective application of the principles will enable your people to:


  • Set a clear vision for the future

  • Communicate with influence:

  • The need for change

  • Collective purpose

  • Identify change champions to drive change

  • Understand personal motivators and how to encourage change adoption

  • Align people, process and systems

  • Identify and create mini goals

  • Achieve and celebrate small wins

  • Create and maintain energy around change

  • Foster continuous improvement across your business

  • Build change into your business as an everyday practice



Tailored to your needs
Our Leading Change program can be delivered in a number of ways. We employ the methodologies and work with you to tailor the program to your needs.


We facilitate:



          Full day programs



           Half day programs



           Single competency session



We encourage the training to be linked to an action project so your leaders can apply and employ the learnings immediately. A follow-up session is provided to reflect and embed learning.


This is a partnership approach. We can work with all levels within your business to embed a leading change framework that allows for consistency from the top of your organisation and throughout your company.  



Leading Change

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