Talent Insights - DISC and Motivators 

To successfully achieve business goals, your people need to be effective and influential communicators. This means not only thinking and planning the words they may use, it means tapping into the behavioural and motivational needs of those they are communicating with.
So what does this really mean?

Behaviours are important because they are the first thing that we notice about a person. As a leader or influencer, they help us understand the best way to communicate with those we work with.


Motivators are what drive us to action. As a manager, they help us understand what sort of messages will excite, inspire and engage others.


Objectives and outcomes


Talent Insights is designed to help leaders and team members learn to identify and understand:


  • their own communication style

  • the communication styles of others

  • their internal motivators and

  • the motivators of others


This enables them to:


  • Build strong, trusted and lasting relationships

  • Influence above and beyond outcomes

  • Win new clients

  • Communicate and mange conflict more effectively

Our Training Programs
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You can use Talent Insights for:


  • Profiling for job compatibility


  • Team Building

  • Effective communication

  • Driving performance

  • How to influence outcomes

  • Managing conflict

  • Employee motivation and engagement

  • Increasing sales

Each employee receives a full Talent Insight profile.This is a comprehensive and validated 35+ page profile.