Change can be challenging and your leaders will make all the difference to your success.

Creating a change ready culture:
Ready, Willing and Able
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In times of change the hygiene factors of leadership need to be focused and deliberate.


Leaders need to be able to create a healthy, thriving environment of continuous improvement, to communicate and connect their people, to engage and motivate, focus them on their goals and create a pathway for their transition.


Ready, Willing and Able is underpinned by a proven change approach that brings your strategy to life and creates your desired change culture.


It helps you align your people and keep them focused on both mini goals and the broader desired outcomes. It focuses on leadership and management practices to help them lead and embed change through empowering your employees to connect with each other and influence actions and behaviours to enhance change readiness.


The combination of leadership up-skill and the employee application of continuous improvement provide both short term goals to motivate and engage employees while assisting in the development of change practices/readiness required for the longer term transition.


While focusing on leadership capability we build skills in the areas of:


  • visionary leadership

  • adaptive and shared leadership

  • communication

  • motivation

  • problem solving

  • outcome achievement

  • resiliency 

  • business transformation

Work With Us


Connected to your strategy



  • Connecting vision and purpose


  • Connecting teams with strategy/change


  • Connecting strategy/change to me


  • My performance

    Understand change



  • Managing change: Building your change management methodology into your business

  • Leading change: It’s all about the people

  • We transform

     Can deliver



  • Leading people

  • Growing resiliency – building strong teams

  • Communication that counts

  • Setting goals

  • Behavioural performance





Tailored to your needs


Ready, willing and able is an ‘off the shelf’ product that has proven change results. We employ the methodology to work with you and support you in tailoring it to your needs. We can then work with you in three ways:


All the way


All the way is all about working with you to fully embed the new way of working. We work within your company. We help you with everything from designing a new culture, communication, training, facilitation and measurement.


We’ll be there through the whole journey. This is a partnership approach where we work with all levels within your business to embed the transformation. 


  • We partner with you to create your desired transformation. We focus on:

  • Culture – Design the new way of working

  • Communication – Communication strategy and delivery support

  • Change – Change readiness platform

  • Leadership – Leadership and management development

  • Coaching – Provision of coaching and support at all levels through the development of     internal change advocates

  • Measurement – Change readiness and culture score-carding




You own it


We provide you with a framework, training, coaching and we transfer our skills and knowledge into your business. It’s our IP and you own the process and tailor the toolbox to achieve your desired outcomes.




Something inbetween


We can partner with you to provide training, facilitation and coaching. We can provide the tools necessary to support your leaders in enacting the changes required for the transformation. Should you have a change program in place, and see some leadership gaps, we can help you ‘close the gap’.


Our support focuses on two distinct areas – the ‘what and how’ of working. We can design bespoke leadership programs that ensure your leaders are ready, willing and able to manage your transition.

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