About Us


Thriving Organisations is all about helping individuals, teams and organisations succeed. This is what we're passionate about - this is what makes us thrive.


Want to know more about the way we work? We partner with you to support you in achieving your goals. We love a challenge and most of all, we love watching our partners learn, grow and succeed.

Our Vision

To help our world thrive one individual, team and organisation at a time.


Our Mission

We collaborate with our partners helping them achieve individual, team and organisational success.


What we do

We achieve our mission through focusing on three streams of support. Each stream focuses on building success for those we work with. In achieving our mission everyday we will fulfil our greater purpose of creating a world that truly thrives.


Our focus is:









Team Facilitation to help your team to develop the right behaviours and

                               skills necessary for individual, team and organisational success.

                               And support you in aligning your team to a common goal

                               and strategy.

Coaching to help you achieve professional and personal success.

Organisational Transformation to help your organisation develop, embed

                                                       and grow your desired culture.

Our Values


Honesty and kindness

We say it how we see it, with others needs in mind.



We think of new and original ideas to help our partners succeed.



We believe that good can be found in all situations. We know we can positively influence successful outcomes.


Love of learning

We are passionate about learning new things so we can ensure we're providing creative and effective outcomes.



We never cease to be the best we can be and we want our partners to be the best they can be as well.

Sarah Lawrence,

Founding CEO, Thriving Organisations

Sarah has a diverse professional background with over 15 years' experience in the fields including conflict resolution, organisational transformation, training and coaching. She is an optimistic individual with a passion for helping individuals, teams and organisations transform themselves. She sees problems as opportunities and knows that a solution can always be found. A burning desire to do what she loves every day, led her to founding Thriving Organisations and she has never looked back.

Sarah holds the following qualifications:

  • Masters (Conflict Resolution)

  • NLP Practitioner and Coach

  • Cert IV Training and Assessment

  • Timeline Therapy and Hypnotherapy

  • SOAR: Strength Based Strategy

  • Accredited DISC and Workplace Motivation trainer and coach

  • BA Hon (Legal, dis.res & politics)


Contact Sarah to discuss how Thriving Organisations can help you.

Phone: 0409 444 875

Email: sarah@thrivingorganisations.com.au